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Simply Easier Payments – The One Stop “Software as a Solution” for Online, and Voice Activated Amazon “Alexa”, Credit, Debit and E-Check PaymentsYou have a great online site but to make money you need to be able to take online payments in real time. – Simply Easier Payments is the one stop solution.You get your payments processed in real time and have your money deposited directly into the your normal bank account.You project a professional image to your customers with a professional payment page.We provide the secure payment gateway, the PCI compliance, the payment processing, and payment reporting. You deal with just one service. There is no need to build your own payment solution.You are then free to focus on your business!
Complete Services Include…

In Addition, Your Staff Can Use Our Service to Take Payments over the Phone

Your staff simply logs on to your account with Simply Easier Payments and enters the payment information.

The credit card, debit card or E-check is charged in real time. Payment made.

Two Account Solutions to Choose From
Our Service Fee Account let’s you accept card payments at no cost to you. Your customer uses us to deliver their payment to you electronically in real time the same way they might pay to overnight a payment to your office. They pay us a fee for the service. From that fee we cover all transaction costs and you get 100% of your payment deposited directly into your normal bank account.
Our Standard Merchant Account service lets you take payments in real time and post them directly into the bank account of your choice. You pay the transaction costs plus any fees associated with processing the payments.You will NOT pay any software integration, software customization or gateway charges! Find out Your Processing Rate for payment transactions!
Note: You choose which solution best suits your needs. Simply Easier Payments also offers you the option of setting up your payment processing using a combination of the two solutions. You can choose to accept some of your payments using our Service Fee and other payments using a regular merchant account.
When Do You Get the Money?All money is handled by our banking partner.

In most cases, funding occurs as outlined below.:

1. Deposits are made next business day for all card types except American Express.
2. American Express payments deposit on the second business day.
3. ACH payments deposit on the next business day.

Note: In some cases, all funding is on the second business day.

Automated Billing of Monthly or Weekly Payments If you have a service for which you charge a recurring monthly fee we can automatically bill your customers monthly.

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