Recurring Payment

Recurring Billing Card Processing

Simply Easier Payments includes the option of setting your customers up on a recurring, automatically charged credit card billing option.

Under this format…

  • You set the interval for the billings
  • Your customer selects this as a payment option at the original point of sale.
  • Three days prior to the bill processing, an email is sent to the client notifying them of the upcoming charge to their account.
  • On the date of the transaction, Simply Easier Payments has the option of verifying the status of the bill and the amount to bill through a web service call
  • If the payment is successful on the bill date, a receipt is emailed to the client
  • If the payment is NOT successful on the bill date, a notice is emailed to the client, the recurring billing is deactivated and the merchant will receive notification
  • On each billing date, your customer’s credit card or checking account (Card or ACH is available) is charged for that month’s payment.
  • The money is transferred to your account.
  • Each day you receive a report of the previous day’s charge attempts and results.
  • You can also receive either a data file, a webservice call or a payment notification to a url you host. Use the data pass to update the results directly into your back office system.

You have control of how you handle failed payments. We will help you plan and implement the actions that best fit your needs and keep you in compliance with Notice of Cancellation regulations for each state and line of business.


Contact us at 800-768-0907 to discuss our recurring billing options and the benefits for your company.