Pending and Conditional Payments

Estoppel laws make insurance unique when it comes to accepting payments.

Our Conditional Payments feature provides a way to accept online payments 24/7/365 when you are not able to confirm the identity or the correct amount due at the time your insured wants to make a payment.

Many insurance companies and insurance agencies do not have the access to the insured information software database, or the programming resources to integrate an online payment system with the back office billing system. This means you are not able to automatically pre-fill the amount due and the policy number when an insured goes online to make a payment. Your insured has to complete this information themselves from the bill you have sent them.

Just Like Opening the Mail

Conditional Payments allows your insured to send you a request to make a payment, but the money in the insured’s account is not touched until you manually review the request to make a payment.

Advantages of the Review

  • You never take money for the wrong amount.
  • You never unintentionally reset the cancellation process.
  • You never take money from some one you can not identify.

Once you have reviewed the request to make a payment our system runs that payment through the credit or debit card network immediately and in real time. You know right then if the payment is good or not.

Get Started Accepting Conditional Payments

If you are an existing user, just look in your admin tools for the section titled “Conditional Payments”

If you are not a current user and would to take advantage of this wonderful enhancement to your customer service go to our Get Started page here.