Payment Profiles

Cardholder Information Storage

For businesses that bill the same customers or members on a repeating basis, storing cardholder information is an important issue.Some businesses, like the tennis club my wife belongs to, just write the information down on a paper form and put it in a file cabinet. (That is why we do not let them bill our card) Then, each month, they log on to their online bank account and manually type in each members name, card information and charge amount.There are several things wrong with this.

  • The cardholder information is not secure.
  • The amount of work to run the same charge every month is too high.
  • The cardholder may or may not be getting a receipt of the charge.

With Simply Easier Payments Billing Service All These Problems Go Away

With Simply Easier Payments the Cardholder information is stored securely on our servers using 256 bit AES encryption. That is considerably more secure than an unlocked file drawer in an unlocked office.

Once you enter the cardholder information the first time, running a new charge is only a matter of going to that cardholder’s profile page and entering the amount of the charge. The system then runs the card transaction in real time and you know immediately if the payment is approved.

Here are the steps and pages you see when you charge a stored account…


Charge a Stored Account

Step 1 – Go to the Card Holders Stored Information Page

Step 2 – Select Make Payment

Step 3 – Enter Payment Amount and Select Pay With Stored Credit Card

Once a payment is made, that information becomes part of your existing reports. You only have to look in one place to see any and all payments.

Save, Secure and Compliant

Simply Easier Payments Cardholder information storage will make all your customers feel their information is being handled the way they would want it to be handled.You are able to provide a higher level of customer service and reduce your work in billing your customers on a recurring basis.

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