Payment Integration

And Simply Easier Payments will not charge you for setup, customization and integration!

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Payment Integration – Customized Solutions Fit Your Needs

End-to-End Integration

Customize Your Account With Our Optional Features

Choose the Easy Solution – Simply Easier Payments

When it comes to integration – there is very little that we cannot do!

Payment Integration – Customized Solutions Fit Your NeedsSimply Easier Payments recognizes that each company is unique and has specific needs and requirements. You can determine the type of payment service options you want to make available based on the type of transaction or the line of business that is being paid. Since functionality can be set at the…

  • company level,
  • department level,
  • state level,
  • line of business.
  • other…

You’re free to run your company the way that makes the most sense.

End-to-End IntegrationSimply Easier Payments provides the backbone that allows you to decide how our services are used. You take payments using any of these methods…

    • Log in to Simply Easier Payments,
    • Link to Simply Easier Payments, with a data pass,

Include in your data pass

    • Read only data
    • Data that can be edited
    • Hidden data
  • Link to Simply Easier Payments, without a data pass,
  • Accept Payment Requests, which will be stored in a pending queue. Review requests and choose to Decline or Approve for processing,
  • Set scheduled payments with Card On File,
  • Send e-invoices for payment on-line

Simply Easier Payments provides payment notification to your back office systems. You choose between any of the following methods

  • Real Time Reporting with Print, Export and Search options,
  • Real Time Notification through a web service you host,
  • Real Time Notification to a url you provide,
  • Real Time Notification as part of a link back with data pass,
  • Batch Payment Notification using any format of your choosing, delivered by either SFTP or email.
Customize Your Payment Page With Our Optional FeaturesSimply Easier Payments encourages you to take advantage of our many features:

Customization can mean as little as adding your logo or as much as automatically updating your back office system in real-time when a payment is made.

Make the payment page work for you. Include any of these features:

  • Customize non-card related data elements
  • Include hidden data elements; pass in data that will be returned to you but will not display on the payment screens
  • Customize edits for address, phone and email
  • Add your logo to the payment page

Add function to your payment site:

Make it easy to take payments:

  • Add a payment link to your website
  • Include Mobile payments using our app

Simply Easier Payments makes your audit trail easier:

  • Multiple User Types
    • Admin
    • Managers
    • Cashiers
  • Keep an audit trail for payments taken with CSRs,
  • View payments using Real Time Reports: Export, Print and Advanced Search
Choose the Easy Solution – Simply Easier Payments!Simply Easier Payments is designed to meet your needs. Learn more about our payment gateway.

Simply Easier Payments is fully integrated with banks and credit card processors to ensure that payments are accepted and processed promptly and effortlessly.

Funds are deposited into your account within 2 business days.

You can count on Simply Easier Payments to integrate the entire billing and payment process.