ACH Payments

Why wait for a payment in the mail! 

Online ACH payments acceptance and processing is available either…

  1. In conjunction with credit and debit card payments
  2. As a stand alone service

Advantages of ACH payments include:

  • Lower transaction cost
  • Faster presentation of checks to the issuing banks
  • Additional payment method to satisfy customers wishing to pay online but not wanting to make card payment

Of course ACH is still a check and as such it can still be returned as NSF. Electronic delivery of the ACH transaction does put these transactions into the payment processes faster than, and ahead of, paper check deposits. As a result of earlier presentation the incidence of NSF is generally reduced.

ACH Payments and Service Fees 

We are able to charge a Service Fee for online ACH payments. Under the correct set up, that fee does not have to be the same as the fee we charge for credit and debit card payments.

You can decide to absorb the cost of the ACH transaction yourself. In this case, we are able continue to charge a service fee for credit and debit card payments.

Security and Compliance

As with card payments, all ACH payments are made through our secure web pages. All information and data are stored on our secure and compliant servers. This removes expenses and liabilities from your servers to ours.

Recurring Billing Using ACH

Simply Easier Payments makes setting up and processing recurring ACH transactions extremely straight forward. Just as we are able to run payment plans or electronic billing presentations on a recurring basis for card payments, our systems can switch to, or include, ACH transactions with one click of your administrator’s mouse.

And using Recurring Billing will reduce your accounts Receivables.

Cut Down On Payment Administration Costs

Accepting electronic payment using ACH, Credit or Debit Cards eliminates the need to open mail, update billing systems and make deposits at the bank. Make payments so much easier and keep your staff focused on sales and delivery!