Insurance Companies

Receive Credit and Debit Cards for Premium Payments at No Cost to You

Problem – Wanting to offer your insureds the ability to pay by credit card, but not wanting to absorb the cost.

SolutionSimply Easier Payments – We process credit/debit card payments, and pass the cost on to the person making the payment with our “Service Fee”. 100% of the premium payment is deposited into your account, and we hang on to the fee to cover all expenses.

Here’s how it Works: 

·         When the insured calls to make a credit card payment, you tell them you have arranged for a third party – Simply Easier Payments – to handle credit card and debit card payments for you.

·         Inform the customer of the payment amount and “Service Fee” for processing

·         You can enter the payment information for the insured over the phone, direct them to our link on your website, or email the insured an electronic invoice with a payment link.

·         The CSR or insured must click on a box confirming that the person making the payment has been informed of the fee.

·         The credit or debit card is charged in real time. Payment Made!

When Do You Get the Money?

The funds will be deposited into your trust account on the morning of the second business day.

Integration With Existing Systems – As an added benefit, we offer free integration with your back office system. We are willing to work with either your in-house IT department, or any third party vendor.How Do I get Started ?
Get started with this program by calling Calvin Churchill or Strickland Parks at 800-768-0907, or to start completing the application click Get Started Now By Filling Out This Form