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Your Customers and Some State Laws Require You to Accept Credit Card Payments

But accepting card payments can cost you 3% of the of the payment amount. To make matters worse you are not allowed by the credit card companies to charge your customer any additional fee to accept a card payment.

Solution – Simply Easier Payments is an independent third party Electronic Payment Delivery Service. Just like the U. S. Post Office or Federal Express charges a person sending you payments a fee to deliver the payment, we are legally allowed by the credit card companies and various state and Federal laws and regulations to charge the person making the credit card payment a reasonable “Service Fee” for our electronic delivery of the payment data into the appropriate payment network.

Result – You receive the entire payment amount for each payment. We pay all transaction cost out of the “Service Fee”. You pay nothing.

Here’s how it Works…Your customer asks to pay with a credit card. You tell them you have arranged for a third party – Simply Easier Payments – to handle credit card payments for you. You give your customer the web address for your account – or if you are talking to the customer on the phone, you go to our web site.

If you are with your customer, you can have your customer give the card payment information to your Dispatch and they can go online and run the card payment.

Your customer (you if on the phone) enters the payment information and actively checks the “Accept Service Fee” check box.

When Do You Get the Money?

All money is handled by our banking partner.

In most cases, funding occurs as outlined below.:

1. Deposits are made next business day for all card types except American Express.
2. American Express payments deposit on the second business day.
3. ACH payments deposit on the next business day.

Note: In some cases, all funding is on the second business day.

Taking Payments Online 24/7/365Let your customers pay online before they come to get their vehicle. We give you hyperlinks to put on your web site to allow folks to pay anytime, day or night.


All Simply Easier Payments pages are in both English and Spanish. You can set the hyperlink to the language to open the page in. Once you are on a page you can change languages with a single mouse click.

Are There Any Charges to My Business?


By the Way, Who Opens Up Your Impound After Hours?

If you are the one that is opening up the impound after hours or on weekends because you want to be the one handling payments, think about this…

With Simply Easier Payments when you take that after hours phone call, you can go online and accept the payment from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Then you can have someone else go to the yard and open it up for the person wanting their car. They no longer have to be involved in accepting the payment.