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Accept Credit Cards for Rents and Leases at No Cost to You

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Problem – Your tenants are asking to pay by credit card and debit card. But you can not afford to pay the cost of accepting credit card payments – usually about 3% of the total payment. To make matters worse, your credit card contract, and in some states specific state laws, will not allow you to charge any extra fees of your clients who pay with credit cards.

Solution – Simply Easier Payments is an independent third party payment acceptance company. As such we are legally allowed by the credit card companies and state laws to charge the person making the credit card payment a reasonable “Security & Delivery Fee”.

Result – You receive the entire rent or lease payment amount for each payment accepted. We pay all transactions cost out of the “Security & Delivery Fee”. You pay nothing.

Here’s how it Works…Your tenant asks to pay with a credit or debit card. You tell them you are not able to accept the card payment, but you have arranged for a third party – Simply Easier Payments – to handle credit card payments for you. You give your tenant the web address for your account – or if you are talking to the client on the phone, you go to our web site.

Your tenant (you if on the phone) enters the payment information and actively checks the “Accept Security & Delivery Fee” check box.

The credit or debit card is charged in real time. Payment Made!

When Do You Get the Money?

All money is handled by our banking partner Moneris.

1. After closing, on the day the payment is made, the bank that issued the card funds the money into Moneris’ account.
2. The next day Moneris forwards a request through the Federal Reserve to transfer the funds into your specified depository account.
3. That funding is done on the second day after the payment is made.

NOTE: If you have your depository account with either RBC Centura or Harris Bank, sister companies of Moneris, you will get your funding one day earlier – next business day.

Simply Easier Payments and Moneris are partnered to help you provide better service to your tenants at no cost to yourself.

Get the sign up forms and instructions for joining this program by calling Duke Williams at 800-768-0907 and they will e-mail you the forms. The forms take about 10 minutes to complete.