Club Membership Dues

Accept Credit Cards for Club Membership Dues at No Cost to You

Your Members are Asking to Pay Dues by Credit or Debit Card – But you can not afford to pay the cost of accepting credit card payments – usually about 3% of the total payment. To make matters worse, your credit card contract, and in some states specific state laws, will not allow you to charge any extra fees of your members who pay with credit cards.

You Receive the Membership Dues Payment. We pay all transactions cost out of the “Service Fee”. You pay nothing.

Here’s How it Works…

Online – Your Website

You add a link to your web page – this could also be a “Make Payment Online” button.

Your members enter the payment information and actively check the “Accept Service Fee” check box.

The credit or debit card is charged in real time. Payment made.

Online – Our Website

On the Phone with Your Staff

Your staff enters the payment information, explains the Service Fee (we can give you the script to do that) and checks the “Accept Service Fee” check box for your member when they verbally agree.

The credit or debit card is charged in real time. Payment made.

When Do You Get the Money?All money is handled by our banking partner.

In most cases, funding occurs as outlined below.:

1. Deposits are made next business day for all card types except American Express.
2. American Express payments deposit on the second business day.
3. ACH payments deposit on the next business day.

Note: In some cases, all funding is on the second business day.

Automated Billing of Monthly Payments

In addition to taking payments online and over the phone, we can also automatically bill your member’s monthly dues payments.

To Learn More or to Get Started

Call Duke Williams at 800-768-0907. Or e-mail us:

Is This Legal? Always a good question to ask. Check out the link for more detail, but the short answer is it is as long as we set you up correctly.

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