Review Some of Simply Easier Payments’ Many Features:

Hold Payment in a Pending File Until Applications Are Approved

Payments can process immediately or can be held in a pending file for your approval and processing at a later time.

You have the option of keeping payments of any type, but most specifically for new applications, in this pending file until you decide to accept the application. This eliminates the extra work required to issue refund checks.

Take Payments for Store Accounts

Collect money for store accounts. At the end of the session, make a partial return on the original store payment. This eliminates the extra work of issuing refund checks or refunding cash.

Automated Billing System Updates

We provide a daily batch file in any format you request. Use this file to automate the process of updating your billing system.

Recurring Payments

Set up recurring payments for installments. Parents get a reminder 3 days ahead of the charge and a receipt at the time of the charge.

How Do I get Started? Get started with this program by calling Duke Williams at 800-768-0907 or click on Get Started Now.

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