Data Security

Security & Compliance

Security is our highest priority. We maintain a PCI Level 1 certification.

  • All data transferred from Simply Easier Payments to other systems is encrypted.
  • All credit card data stored by Simply Easier Payments is encrypted.

PCI Certification

The Credit Card Industry has appropriately responded to cardholders concerns about privacy and identity theft. Part of that response is new PCI security compliance standards and audits. The cost of meeting these standards and having a third party run these audits can easily reach six figures a year.

When Simply Easier Payments handles your card payment and data storage processes, we assume most of the PCI requirements for you and save you that time and money.

We have done all of the homework on compliance so you don’t have to.

Protecting Confidential Information

Simply Easier Payments ensures security in a number of ways.

  • Credit card transactions are authorized in real time and can include verification of information such as CSV codes, addresses, and more.
  • All credit card information is encrypted in a database.
  • All information is kept off your premises, in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act, making access to confidential information much more difficult to those who are un-authorized.

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