Electronic Payment

When you implement Simply Easier Payments’ Electronic Payment Delivery Service, we…

  1. Collect your customer’s credit card information.
  2. Place security around the payment data and deliver the data in real time to the appropriate payment network for processing.
  3. Deposit 100% of the initial transaction amount into your bank account.
  4. Eliminate all card payment transaction costs to you.
  5. Relieve your company of most PCI security compliance requirements.

Our Electronic Payment Delivery Service is the easiest and most cost-effective credit card acceptance approach to implement. Simply Easier Payments Is Like the Fed Ex of Electronic Payment Deliveries

Do you accept mailed check payments?

If you needed to, would you take a Western Union payment or a check sent by overnight delivery?

Simply Easier Payments Service Fee is no different!

Your customers are used to paying for postage when they mail you their payment or paying Fed Ex for overnight delivery.

Now they have a new option. They can let Simply Easier Payments deliver their payment to you electronically in real time.

With Simply Easier Payments’ Electronic Payment Delivery Service, we offer a Web based, self-service payment solution to your customers.

For this, Simply Easier Payments charges the payer a nominal “service fee” that is added to the payers total at check-out.


  • Reduce or eliminate cost to accept credit card payments.
  • Accelerate cash flow.
  • Improve Customer service.
  • Solve most of your PCI compliance issues.
  • No additional hardware required and no systems to install.
Simply Easier Payments’ Electronic Payment Delivery Service features include:

  • Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover® acceptance.
  • Credit card funds are deposited directly into your bank account.
  • Daily transaction notification files.
  • Real time access to a rich variety of reports.
  • The ability to post payment transactions to your company for update to your system in real time or batch.
  • Each Company specifies text on Web site and on the customers monthly card statements.

Contact us at 800-768-0907 to discuss our electronic payment delivery options and the benefits for your company.

Two Account Solutions to Choose From
Our Service Fee Account let’s you accept card payments at no cost to you. Your customer uses us to deliver their payment to you electronically in real time the same way they might pay to overnight a payment to your office. They pay us a fee for the service. From that fee we cover all transaction costs and you get 100% of your payment deposited directly into your normal bank account.

Our Standard Merchant Account service lets you take payments in real time and post them directly into the bank account of your choice. You pay the transaction costs plus any fees associated with processing the payments.You will NOT pay any software integration, software customization or gateway charges! Find out Your Processing Rate for payment transactions!

Note: You choose which solution best suits your needs. Simply Easier Payments also offers you the option of setting up your payment processing using a combination of the two solutions. You can choose to accept some of your payments using our Service Fee and other payments using a regular merchant account.