Simply Easier Payments was formed in 2006 as a spin off from Atlatl, Inc. Atlatl has been a leader in the property and casualty technology space since 1981.

Simply Easier Payments is backed by three venture capital groups.

Simply Easier Payments was created to address two issues:

  1. The inability of the insurance agents, carriers and premium finance companies to manage the cost of card payments
  2. The maze of laws, rules, regulations and contractual terms surrounding the cost of card payments

As an electronic payment gateway, Simply Easier Payments is required to maintain PCI Level 1 Certification. We are certified on a monthly basis by Trustwave.


As technology changes Simply Easier Payments continues to lead.

Our solutions can be used…

  • Online through your website
  • By phone to your staff or call center
  • Mobile through phone apps we provide you
  • Mobile through your own phone apps
  • Integrated into your billing systems
  • Mobile Dongles
  • Traditional Swipe Card Readers

We process payments using…

  • Our Service Fee method
  • Traditional merchant accounts where you carry the cost of the transaction
  • Controlled Cost accounts where you pay a fixed fee instead of a percentage

Simply Easier Payments is adding value beyond the processing of payments by…

  • Allowing your ads and recommendations to display on your payment and receipt pages
  • Providing secure interface between carriers and agents to strengthen customer relations and enhance you customer experience

Simply Easier Payments has a deep tradition of excellence in technology.

Since 2006 we have become the #1 service for Delivery and Security Fee based electronic payment solutions.