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Simply Easier Payments

Email Invoice

E-mail invoices save you time and money over paper invoices sent through the U.S. Postage Service.

You save money on...

  • Paper to print the invoice
  • Envelop in which to mail the invoice
  • Postage
  • No return envelop
  • Employee time to print, stuff and mail invoices

You also can get your money faster by having a "Pay Now" link on your electronic invoice allowing your customer to pay online.

convenience_fee_demo 3 minute 47 second - E-Mail Invoices with "Pay Now" Link.

Sending E-mail invoices is just as easy. Here are the steps involved and the screens you would see to e-mail an invoice...

Send an E-Mail Invoice

Step 1 - Go to the Card Holders Stored Data Page

email invoice


Step 2 - Select Issue Invoice

email invoice


Step 3 - Enter Amount of Invoice and Due Date

email invoice


Step 4 - Review and Send

email invoice


Step 5 - Your E-Mail Invoice Arrives

email invoice


Step 6 - Your customer clicks on the "Click Her to Pay Now" link and is taken to your pre-filled payment page and completes the transaction

email invoice


The Billing system always e-mails a receipt of every charge transaction to your customer so they know when a payment has been made.

The billing system keeps a permanent record of all sent invoices and their payment status.

email invoice tracking


Once a payment is made, that information becomes part of your existing reports. You only have to look in one place to see any and all payments.

A Better Way to Bill

E-mail invoices let you provide increased customer service, lower your costs and get your money faster.

To get started call us at 800-768-0907.



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